Passwords Not Required

REL-ID delivers invisible, mutual, multi-factor authentication, while totally eliminating credentials, passwords, and knowledge-based authentication (KBA). Your customers can now safely access your website with zero risk of phishing, social engineering, stuffing attacks, or any other type of credential compromise.

No Passwords to Remember

Eliminate PW Reset Calls and Reduce Costs

Verify High Risk Transactions with Zero Risk of Fraud

Designed for Modern Threat Vectors and Security Needs

With this new technology it's super easy for me to login and there are no passwords to remember.

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Eliminate Passwords

REL-ID eliminates the use of passwords and other knowledge-based credentials from your security equation. This simultaneously makes life much easier for your customers, while at the same time reducing risk from your organization by eliminating social engineering, shoulder surfing, and other threat vectors. 

  • Reduce User Frustration
  • Eliminate Challenge Questions and PII
  • Eliminate Risk
  • Drive User Engagement

Reduce Costs

By removing credentials from the mix, REL-ID reduces costs by also eliminating the need for frustrating and costly password reset calls to your call center, which Forrester estimates cost $70 per call. This is another way that REL-ID simultaneously drives engagement, improves security, and reduces costs.

  • Eliminate Password Reset Costs
  • Reduce User Frustration
  • Eliminate Risk

Transaction Verification

Credential Stuffing attacks and other forms of password compromise create powerful attack vectors against your website.

REL-ID delivers fast and secure verification for sensitive transactions like stock purchases, wire transfers, and PHI information sharing. It's completely non-intrusive way for your clients and gives you full regulatory compliance.

  • Eliminate fraud for high-value and CNP transactions
  • Unlock new transaction capabilities
  • Maintain full regulatory compliance

Modern Defense

Would you rather have 98% confidence that you can detect bad guys in your environment, or 100% confidence that the bad guys can't get in at all?

REL-ID takes a modern approach that PREVENTS bad actors from even being able to connect with your in the first place,  and completely eliminates phishing, credential harvesting / stuffing, and MITM attacks.

  • Prevent bad things from happening in the first place
  • Defend against current and emerging threats
  • Drive Fraud to ZERO

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