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Create rapid, efficient, and more meaningful client interactions, expanding share of wallet and depth of product without the threat or massive expense of identity fraud. Eliminate malicious threats, account takeover, credential compromise, and transaction fraud. Deliver every customer journey in a way that makes your business, security, finance, and compliance teams happy.

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Deliver more profitable, personalized transactions, and enable extended credit to clients on any channel. With REL-ID’s full-stack security and identity platform, you know payment processes are inherently more secure.

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REL-ID protects patient interactions and records and meets all compliance standards, so you can focus on providing the best healthcare services for your patients. Open up possibilities for both online and in-person patient journeys with certainty in security and compliance.

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With REL-ID’s marketing response, power upsell, upgrades and enhanced experiences and unlock possibilities to grow share of wallet and increase average transaction size.

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Power your digital identity program with the highest level of security, identity verification, and liveness detection, and with no inherent bias across every program and agency.

Hear from Our Clients

Hear from Our Clients

“BlueShore was looking for a cybersecurity solution to provide a secure-gateway for our Temenos Infinity digital platform; Uniken was able to provide that, and much more. Uniken’s cybersecurity platform has the capabilities to protect our clients across channels without impacting BlueShore’s Financial Spa Client Experience, while not putting additional “technical” burden on our clients, or compromising our clients’ cybersecurity protection.”

Fred Cook, Chief Information Officer, BlueShore Financial

“We needed a comprehensive solution for new client identity verification security and authentication that met our unique local needs but provided us a platform to grow quickly in the region. Uniken provided just that in REL-ID. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

Izzidin Abusalameh, Group Chief Operating Officer, Capital Bank of Jordan

“CDSL has expanded their partnership with Uniken to provide their customers with the security and ease of use required when accessing their financial data. REL-ID’s customer-first security platform delivers the frictionless, secure, and scalable experience that modern customers demand. Uniken’s unified defense-in-depth approach helps CDSL secure assets without compromising on user experience.”

Amit Mahajan, Chief Technology Officer, CDSL

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