Compliance That’s Compelling

When high risk transactions like external money transfers, new product purchases, or account-level changes require a high degree of friction for both clients and your business, it’s time for a change.

With REL-ID, meet compliance standards and build client relationships with low-friction transaction verification and digital signing capabilities. Uniken’s end-to-end solution enables clients to complete zero-fraud, zero-friction transactions using one-click transaction verification with cryptographic digital signatures. Meet the strongest global compliance standards and drive amazing customer experience with cryptographic digital signing tied to a key pair bound to the user across every channel, including online, in-person, chat, voicemail, or email.

Frictionless Verification


High-Assurance, Low-Friction Verification

For high-value or high-risk transactions, businesses typically must either rely on a combination of multifactor authentication or SMS for verification, recorded lines, or in-person or written confirmation — processes that are often insecure and certainly inconvenient and expensive. REL-ID creates a private-private cryptographic digital signature for every transaction that factors in application, device, network, and location information in a process invisible to the client. Know with absolute certainty that your client is verifying the transaction, free from network, device, or application security fraud and with zero friction when deployed with biometric authentication.

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Unlock Possibilities for High Value Transactions

With transaction verification powered by certainty in identity, deliver new, more beneficial client opportunities. Unlock higher transaction values and volumes to grow customer relationships. For an additional layer of assurance for the highest-value transactions, REL-ID enables biometric step-up to confirm identity through facial recognition.

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Build Relationships at Every Touchpoint

The REL-ID platform enables transactions that previously required lengthy verification processes and/or physical presence to be completed in seconds through an app, anywhere, at any time. The ease with which clients complete transactions strengthens client loyalty and allows businesses to offer more opportunity, without the threat of credential compromise and fraud.

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Digital Signing Beyond Verification

In an era of sophisticated fraudsters, certainty in transaction verification is essential to prevent fraud. Uniken allows for every transaction to be verified and digitally signed with a simple click of a push notification or facial biometric authentication. Our eIDAS level three enhanced digital signature allows for non-repudiation of every transaction, product purchase, account recovery, or account-level change. For jurisdictions that require a local certificate, our platform allows for quick and easy integration. Your clients get the speed and ease they demand, and you get the certainty you need. Why wait another day to make amazing experiences possible?

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Simplify and Secure Transaction Verification

Transform your customer journeys with transaction verification that is simple, secure, and fully compliant. Schedule a demo to see the REL-ID platform in action.

“BlueShore was looking for a cybersecurity solution to provide a secure-gateway for our Temenos Infinity digital platform; Uniken was able to provide that, and much more. Uniken’s cybersecurity platform has the capabilities to protect our clients across channels without impacting BlueShore’s Financial Spa Client Experience, while not putting additional “technical” burden on our clients, or compromising our clients’ cybersecurity protection.”

Fred Cook, Chief Information Officer, BlueShore Financial

“We needed a comprehensive solution for new client identity verification security and authentication that met our unique local needs but provided us a platform to grow quickly in the region. Uniken provided just that in REL-ID. We couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

Izzidin Abusalameh, Group Chief Operating Officer, Capital Bank of Jordan