Build Opportunity to Build Loyalty

Data analytics have transformed marketing, allowing companies to target clients at just the right places in their journeys with offers tailored to their needs. But these technologies are ineffective if the process for acceptance and expanding share of wallet is weighed down by compliance, identity, and security concerns. 

Uniken removes these obstacles, creating certainty in identity and absolute security. With fraud eliminated, conduct business in a frictionless digital experience. Expand your share of wallet with a larger portfolio of instant response capabilities in an always compliant, always awesome environment. With greater depth of product and amazing customer journeys, grow customer loyalty and your business.

Security to Enable New Digital Channels

REL-ID ensures security for every interaction, so businesses can offer capabilities that were previously impossible due to security, compliance, or regulatory standards. Unlike standalone point security solutions, the platform works across the entire identity chain. REL-ID authenticates every interaction and secures every transaction, from the client device to application to network, shutting down every threat vector and enabling clients to notice and rapidly respond to offers.

Consistent Experience, Increased Loyalty

The moment a client opens your mobile app, every interaction is bound to their unique cryptographic key. This seamless customer authentication process is the same throughout every step on their journey. Without the friction in customer journeys, customers will want to accept more offers and do more business with you.

Rapid and Compliant Marketing Acceptance

REL-ID powers offer delivery and acceptance with digital signing in a single click. For additional security, REL-ID also offers biometric step-up, using the same simple and frictionless process for acceptance on any channel. Improve marketing acceptance while meeting global regulatory requirements of digital signing for non-repudiated approval of transactions and verification of responses.

See How We Do It

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