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REL-ID closes the gaps traditional identity, security, and client verification tools leave behind, and does it in one platform, completely invisible to your clients. Integrated into your environment and your mobile apps, REL-ID creates client interactions that are as secure, compliant, and certain as they are enjoyable. From security to identity, omnichannel authentication, and transaction verification, REL-ID secures certainty for the most important part of your business: client interactions.

How it works


Identity alone is never enough to ensure secure client interactions. Worse, traditional models rely on clients to ensure security of their own devices and networks, putting a burden on your clients without actually securing the transaction. The REL-ID platform solves both problems, creating certainty in security while removing the burden from your client. REL-ID secures every touchpoint in the customer journey, from device to application to network. Be certain that your customers are connecting on their registered device without the presence of malware (even polymorphic malware), without a compromised Wi-Fi network connection, and free of adversary-in-the-middle attacks. With a simple mantra of secure, verify, authenticate, you can create the secure customer journeys necessary to grow your business. Discover the extensive technology behind REL-ID’s security at every interaction.

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With REL-ID, know who your client is, not just who they say they are. REL-ID creates a secure electronic identity with verification checks that allow full know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance. Leverage the power of government documents and biometric liveness detection to strengthen verification. REL-ID enables continuous custody of valuable personally identifiable information (PII), working only within your tech ecosystem and on the client’s device, without relying on third-party eyes, infrastructure, or data transfer. No need to identify the country or document type or perform awkward movements or phrases — our fully automated document recognition capability handles over 12,000 documents in 247 countries. Our platform extracts the visible and invisible data, performs full passive liveness checks, and can feed your KYC systems or perform a KYC process for full regulatory compliance.

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With REL-ID, create a secure interaction with a strongly verified identity that is bound to the user and the device. REL-ID creates certain authentication without any burden on the customer, any channel, anywhere, anytime. Go beyond traditional two-factor authentication (2FA), with our six-layer mutual multifactor authentication (MFA) that shuts down every major vector of fraud and breach. REL-ID means instant trust of you with your clients, and your clients with you — instead of complex and varied authentication methods across channels.

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With certain identity and security within a seamless deterministic multifactor authentication process, REL-ID enables businesses to transact in new ways that are beneficial to both clients and business growth. Confirm and sign any transaction or service from any source. Deliver in-app notifications in real-time to clients over a secure channel to a highly verified identity without the risk of app, network, or identity-based fraud. Add in step-up biometric challenges where needed. Unlock the potential of marketing response, offering highly targeted offers to clients you know on a device you trust. With REL-ID, create the secure client interactions that will move business forward.

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Better Support for Better Experiences

REL-ID is more than a security or an identity platform. It’s a business tool. With REL-ID, make the security team happy and the marketing team giddy. Enable security on clients’ devices with the same solution that ensures clients are who they say they are. Eliminate bots with the same platform that elevates marketing acceptance rates. Shut down fraud while shutting down the complexity of the multiple solutions most businesses need to manage security and identity. Solve for security, identity, and experience all in one platform.

The REL-ID Advantage

REL-ID for Real Results

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