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The on-device biometric authentication methods consumers utilize today are too low assurance for the compliance and security demands of client-centric organizations. The traditional options for account recovery, login and high-risk transaction verification are either not customer-friendly like physical location visits or not sufficiently secure like low assurance security questions or on-device biometrics. 

Uniken’s REL-ID platform uses server-side biometrics coupled with complete security throughout the identity chain to create high assurance, no friction server-side biometric authentication. With Uniken, account recovery becomes simple and secure, transaction verification flows are automatically triggered, and no additional input or PII is required from the client.

Coordinated with Customer Identity Verification

Uniken’s identity verification process is fast, frictionless and secure, with optional KYC sanctions and AML checks, over 12,000 types of ID documents accepted via auto capture, and support for over 130 languages in 247 countries. REL-ID creates a private-private key that links zero-fraud rapid onboarding with a frictionless biometric authentication process for all future client interactions.

Server-Side Biometric Authentication

Unlike most biometric capabilities, the secure key created during the customer identity verification process is device specific and user-bound. The implicit trust created simplifies everything from normal use to device and application recovery, improving customer experience and securing every interaction.

Zero PII Exposure

Uniken’s privacy-first model runs all customer identity verification and biometric authentication within your environment, preserving privacy and meeting the strictest compliance and regulatory standards. REL-ID runs seamless biometric authentication without third party intervention, increasing processing speeds and eliminating the risk of PII exposure.

Meeting Today's Business Demands

Though many organizations demand on-premises solutions, Uniken also provides SaaS capabilities to meet the needs of all the organizations we serve. For more information about our SaaS, on-prem and client cloud-based capabilities, contact one of our experts today.

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