Where Fraud Is Zero and Peace of Mind Is 100%

Uniken closes the gaps in traditional identity platforms to secure the full customer journey— from devices, applications, and network connections to authentication, transaction verification, and digital signing. Our REL-ID security platform shuts down every major vector of fraud in every client interaction.

Where Every Channel Is Always Awesome

When transactions are secure and identity is certain, customer experiences are free to be amazing. With Uniken, build customer experiences that delight your clients. Empower your clients to interact with you when, where, and how they want — seamlessly, across any channel, anytime, anywhere.

Where Client-Centric Organizations Build Without Barriers

For organizations built on customer experiences, certain identity and absolute security are the foundation to enable your business to work the way you’ve always wanted. With Uniken, create new ways to do business without the friction of traditional security platforms or the fraud they fail to prevent. In any industry, without the threat of fraud, you can make every client interaction more valuable.

Our Platform

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REL-ID Security Platform
Powering Your Needs

The Platform of Possible

Uniken’s single-stack, client-invisible REL-ID security platform unlocks limitless possibilities by safeguarding the entire customer journey without placing a security burden on clients. REL-ID combines threat detection, identity verification, passwordless multifactor authentication, and channel security into one, comprehensive platform. Build your business without barriers and drive fraud to zero while providing frictionless customer experiences across any channel, any time.

A Complete Solution

The REL-ID platform powers all your security, verification, and authentication needs. Verify client identities remotely, quickly, and securely with document validation, biometrics, passive liveness detection, and data capture. Authenticate clients with passwordless, omnichannel authentication that employs biometrics, device fingerprinting, and cryptographic identity. Secure customer journeys from the start with fast, frictionless, fully automated client onboarding. Get transaction verification and digital signing that meet compliance standards without burdening clients.

Our People

Bimal Gandhi

Bimal Gandhi

Chief Executive Officer


Nishant Kaushik

Chief Technology Officer

Nancy Jones

Nancy Jones

Chief Marketing Officer

Penny Meier

Head of Finance

Dwayne Cosby

SVP, Customer Success

Paul Anderson

VP, Global Head of Sales

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