Streamline Client Journeys

High-value, high-sensitivity client account actions like large-sum payments, increasing credit limits, or approving high value transfers require higher degrees of identity assurance and security that can make digital completion inconvenient or impossible. 

With REL-ID’s digital signing capabilities, remove friction while maintaining strict strong customer authentication and security standards. Uniken’s innovative cryptographic digital signing enables eIDAS and PSD2 compliance while maintaining a streamlined, always consistent experience – whether on app, in person or at a call center.

Expand Transaction Verification

Use Uniken’s digital signing capabilities, combined with our always-frictionless, always-consistent transaction verification to expand your customer journey – maintaining compliance, security, and an amazing customer experience through even the most sensitive of client interactions. Increase transaction values and volumes and grow client relationships without the threat of credential compromise and fraud.

Businessman signing a rental agreement with a Real Estate Agent in an new office

Create New Interaction Capabilities

REL-ID removes the barriers to conducting new and highly sensitive account actions digitally and without friction. With a high-value transaction or sensitive interaction like an external account transfer, you get additional assurance from a digital cryptographic signature without additional obstacles or time spent for your client. Remove potentially insecure or cumbersome third-party digital signers from your process and maintain security while enhancing customer experience.

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eIDAS and PSD2 Compliance

REL-ID’s digital signing capabilities are cryptographically validated and stored, meeting PSD2 requirements for strong customer authentication (SCA). The cryptographic private-private key pair assures identity throughout every client interaction, increasing transaction values and volumes while growing customer loyalty and share of wallet.

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