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The security and compliance demands of your business don’t always align with the expectations of the app-driven, click-and-go modern user. An offline customer onboarding or cumbersome online identity verification process creates a poor first impression of your business. Subsequent high-friction processes for authentication and transaction verification add to the frustration.

Uniken accelerates onboarding, making the process nearly invisible and completely frictionless. Using the same cryptographic key pair created during the onboarding process, Uniken creates an excellent and fully secure customer experience across entire journeys. With the highest level of compliance, and in every jurisdiction, the REL-ID platform can be on-prem, in your cloud, or SaaS to meet your exacting regulatory needs.

Onboard in Minutes

With REL-ID, process identity verification on the user device for better data protection, superior performance, and a faster response time. Passive and frictionless biometric verification combined with full liveness detection, helps your clients complete onboarding in 1 to 2 minutes, creating an amazing customer experience and stronger client connection from day one. Uniken secures customer identity from the outset and links it to the device, the app, and your enterprise.

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Frictionless, Mobile-First Onboarding

Make your first impression an amazing one with an onboarding process that is simpler at every step on the web or in app. REL-ID removes obstacles to rapid onboarding with passive liveness detection and automated document verification processes.

Document Auto Capture

Uniken’s document auto capture includes over 12,000 document ID types, 247 countries, and over 130 languages for rapid auto-detection and immediate response, ensuring a powerful, simple, and amazing first customer impression.


Passive Liveness Detection

Create an exceptional experience from day one. With passive liveness detection built into your app, clients don’t have to turn their head or say a phrase to prove they’re alive. It’s as simple as taking a selfie, but uses a highly sophisticated multi-dimensional facial capture that can defeat the most advanced deep fakes and expensive Hollywood masks.


Automated Sanctions, Watchlists and Adverse Media Checks

When required by the financial institution, REL-ID can automatically conduct necessary checks against government sanctions programs and watchlists to identify compliance concerns.

Great Experience Across Customer Journeys

REL-ID extends the verified customer identity created in the onboarding process across all channels of customer interaction to make any customer journey possible. Use the secure cryptographic key pair across any authentication experience — whether the client is opening the app to check a balance or completing a high-value transaction — so your rapid onboarding process is only the start of an amazing experience.

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Accelerate Your Possibilities with Rapid Onboarding

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