End-to-End Passwordless Authentication

The traditional customer authentication and transaction verification process is insecure and fragmented. Passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA), soft tokens, and other challenges encumber customer experience. Client-centric organizations combine point solutions and disparate processes, compromising security and customer experience.

Uniken’s REL-ID secures every aspect of the customer journey across every channel. Provide PSD2-level (Payment Services Directive 2) strong customer authentication (SCA) and comply with the highest standards of security and customer service. With REL-ID, eliminate friction in every interaction with consistent, burden-free, and highly secure, passwordless authentication with or without facial biometrics.

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Always Amazing, Any Channel Authentication

REL-ID’s omnichannel authentication embeds a software development kit (SDK) into your mobile application for a seamless, single-app customer experience. Clients using your mobile application use a private-private key pair credential that is unknown to them yet is bound to their unique device, application, biometric, or password if you continue to use them. This creates a fully deterministic credential that cannot be harvested, phished, stolen, or compromised and can only be accessed when connected to the correct server in your environment. Exit the world of probability and enter the world of deterministic certainty.

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Scalable Deployment

With the REL-ID platform SDK embedded into your mobile application, easily enable other channels in a matter of days for minimum effort and investment, instead of multi-month, multimillion dollar projects. Uniken’s at-rest API capabilities allow businesses to trigger the strong authentication process automatically for verification at any point in the customer journey.

These at-rest APIs scale frictionless authentication experiences across channels, with certainty in identity and absolute security of devices and network connections. Safe, simple, and scalable — all resulting in a rapid ROI.

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Certainty in Every Interaction

The REL-ID platform revolutionizes omnichannel authentication by ensuring strong authentication across every channel — digital or physical. Leverage the mobile app for customer service authentication over the phone or in person. For web, go passwordless using mobile push, FIDO keys, and more. Give your customers choice while staying policy compliant. Contact us to learn more about our omnichannel authentication options.

Create Experiences Customers Want to Experience

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