Keep Pace with Client Expectations

Clients expect always-connected, always-instant service on any channel at any time. Yet, industry and business requirements demand security, compliance, and a certainty that doesn’t always align with the app-driven, click-and-go modern user. The customer capabilities your clients want and the customer journeys your security and compliance teams will allow are often impossibly far apart. At Uniken, we accelerate possibilities for client-centric organizations by creating certainty in identity and security while delivering amazing customer experiences.

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Zero Fraud.
100% Peace of Mind.

Identity shouldn’t be a question of trust, but a statement of certainty. Uniken’s REL-ID platform shuts down every major vector of fraud and breach in every interaction. From end point to point of sale to client servicing and every point in between, go beyond trust to create certainty in identity, confidence in security, and enable any customer journey — the possibilities are limitless.

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Amazing Experiences without the Friction

The onus of security and identity typically falls on clients to navigate cumbersome identity verification and to prove liveness, create strong passwords, and keep apps and devices up to-date. REL-ID removes the burdens of security, identity verification, and authentication from clients, making mobile threat defense, rapid onboarding, liveness detection, omnichannel authentication, transaction verification, and digital signing nearly invisible and completely frictionless.

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Certainty in Identity

For organizations built on customer experiences, certainty in identity and absolute security enable your business to work the way you’ve always wanted. Uniken’s REL-ID platform was built to create a world where identity and security are constants instead of constant worries. We drive fraud to zero to make every client interaction more valuable and improve client outcomes without the risk of mistaken identity.

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Designed for Client-Centric Industries to Grow


Create rapid, efficient, and more meaningful client interactions, expanding share of wallet and depth of product without the threat or massive expense of identity fraud. Eliminate malicious threats, account takeover, credential compromise, and transaction fraud. Deliver every customer journey in a way that satisfies your business, security, finance, and compliance teams.

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Deliver more profitable, personalized transactions, and enable extended credit to clients on any channel. With REL-ID’s full-stack security and identity platform, you know payment processes are inherently more secure.

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REL-ID protects patient interactions and records and meets all compliance standards, so you can focus on providing the best healthcare services for your patients. Open up possibilities for both online and in-person patient journeys with certainty in security and compliance.


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With REL-ID’s marketing response, power upsell, upgrades and enhanced experiences and unlock possibilities to grow share of wallet and increase average transaction size.

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Power your digital identity program with the highest level of security, identity verification, and liveness detection, and with no inherent bias across every program and agency.

REL-ID for Real Results

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