Unified Defense in Depth

Protect Against the Advanced Threat Environment of Today and Tomorrow.

In today’s ever-evolving IT and threat landscape, the nature of defense in depth has changed. We need to move away from perimeter-centric, network and IP-focused models to one that is both comprehensive and dynamic; focused on securing the entire path from the user, to the application, to the device, to the service. And, it needs to be done on an individualized basis and at scale.

That’s the challenge Uniken set out to solve, and that’s what we deliver with REL-ID. By integrating authentication with channel security on the foundation of a mutual and simultaneous cryptographic solution, the REL-ID platform creates a single seamless solution that protects different layers in the stack in a way that cannot be teased apart, making it impossible to break any one of them. And in a mobile-first world, it leverages the power and secure elements of the devices that users are always carrying to extend that protection across the entire interaction chain.

Secure The User

REL-ID's solution allows you to leverage an identity that is 1:1 built on a cryptographic assurance model combined with the biometric credentials of your choice. And the identity is only usable after you verify beyond doubt that it is the right user on the right device using your untampered app.



By embedding the REL-IDSDK into your app and using its simple APIs, you can add a whole host of protections to your app. There's no need to worry about the trustworthiness of the device your app is running on because it is completely protected against malware and tampering. You can add support for multiple biometric authenticators to your app through a simple interface and multifactor authentication without having to call out to a 3rd party service, use SMS/email, or depend on a different app the user has to switch to. Use our app fingerprinting to ensure that users are connecting only using your authentic apps. And, secure all local data by encrypting it using keys that aren’t stored on the device and only appear after the user goes through a full REL-ID connect process, thus completely protecting the data against snooping malware and tampering.



With the mobile device at the center of your user interactions and security model, it is crucial that you are able to trust the devices that your users are using without imposing the burden of managing devices (an absolute non-starter in consumer-facing deployments, but highly undesirable even in employee facing deployments). REL-ID adds device hygiene controls like rootkit, jailbreak and malware detection to your app, allowing you to control if and when to allow your app to even start. It further adds device fingerprinting and behavior tracking to verify device trustworthiness, and add the device as one of the factors in your multifactor authentication strategy.



Never again worry about your users connecting over insecure or malicious wifi networks, having your data leak because of issues in how your CDN operates, your developers incorrectly pinning certificates, or certificate authorities being compromised. Instead, with REL-ID, you can create individual, man-in-the-middle proof secure tunnels that ensure all data is encrypted in transit, right from within the app process space all the way to within your DMZ, and even closer to your service if required.


Secure all your online API services by making them go dark to the open internet, accessible only to whitelisted endpoints without the need to run a massive key distribution and management (PKI) infrastructure. Transitioning from a blacklist (detective) model to a whitelist (proactive) model has huge security benefits, and can even mitigate the impact of DDoS attacks to a significant degree.

Traditional Defense in Depth vs. REL-ID Defense in Depth





Multiple Point Solutions

Single Solution - REL-ID

Extensive Integration Required

Simple Integration with Existing Identity Store


Cost-Effective (pennies per user)

Fast to become out-of-date.


Slow to update.


Vulnerabilities born of integration errors

Simple, cohesive protections mean no integration seams to exploit

Complex deployments

Simple, easy deployment

Requires different solutions per channel

True omnichannel

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