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Transformation Delivered!

Enabling basic transactions via web and mobile is only the start of the Digital Transformation journey. REL-ID allows you to unlock new transaction capabilities with your clients across any channel (even email and text) with bulletproof security, zero fraud, and full regulatory compliance.

Frictionless CX

Unlock New Transaction Types

Across Any Channel

With Full Regulatory Compliance

Transaction Verification

REL-ID gives you the ability to interact with your clients anytime, anywhere, over any channel of their choosing. Your clients can now make purchase decisions, and initiate sensitive and high value transactions with you over any channel -- web and mobile of course, but also email, voice-mail, text, and chat. 

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Wire Transfer

Frictionless Customer Experience

Driving transformation requires delivering customer-centric security. You need to be able to safely and easily allow clients to interact with you at a time and over a channel of their choosing.

REL-ID enables you to verify all your digital transactions in a way that is completely secure with a phenomenal experience for your clients. 

  • Drive User Engagement
  • Engender Customer Loyalty
  • Enhance Brand Affinity

Unlock New Transactions

REL-ID removes the barriers to transformation and gives you the power to safely and easily unleash the types of high-value and high-sensitivity transactions that drive transaction values and volumes, and strengthen and enrich your client relationships.
  • Strong end-to-end security
  • Eliminate Credential Compromise
  • Take Fraud to Zero

Across Every Channel

Clients have varied preferences of how they want to interact with you. These can vary based on demographic and context. Millennials prefer apps, chat, and text. Some clients may wish to leave you transaction requests offline and expect you to be able to execute them the next day.

REL-ID gives you the ability to safely and easily transact with your clients over any channel that they choose, even text, chat, email, and voicemail.

  • Increase transaction value
  • Increase transaction volumes
  • Engender client loyalty

Full Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a critical requirement and frequently prevent digital transformation initiatives from doing any more than scratching the surface of their full potential.

REL-ID gives you strong and secure transaction verification capabilities that are cryptographically validated and stored, and allows you to demonstrate compliance with all legislative requirements.

  • Improve compliance posture
  • Protect client data

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