I will never have to remember my "favorite" sport, instrument, or flavor of ice cream ever again

REL-ID helps you eliminate all the things that make a call center interaction painful and time-consuming for your customers, and risky and expensive for you. 

Streamline Identify & Transaction Verification

Eliminate PII From The Call Center / Branch

Control Agent Access To Customer Data

Reduce Costs by Eliminating PII Q&A

Isn’t is crazy, in this day and age, after having done business with someone for years, I have to prove who I am by answering goofy questions every-time I call?

Streamline Verification

REL-ID eliminates the painful back-and-forth that takes place at the onset of a call center conversation in order to establish your client's identity.

Instead, the call center agent can instantly identify the client based on their phone number and send a verification request to the client's mobile device to quickly validate their identity without cumbersome and intrusive Q&A.

  • Reduce cost by eliminating 30 - 60 seconds from each call center interaction
  • Increase customer satisfaction by leveraging existing relationship and saving them time and effort

Eliminate PII

Each piece of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that you hold for a customer expands your attack surface. This is compounded by the number of your agents and other employees that can access that data. 

REL-ID eliminates the use of PII for identity validation by leveraging the pre-existing relationship the client has with you, significantly reducing your risk and compliance posture.

  • Reduce compliance exposure by eliminating PII from call center
  • Improve client experience because they no longer need to answer personal questions to identify themselves

Protect Client Data

Insider threats remain the largest attack vector for cybercrime today and it is vital to control access to the sensitive financial and other customer data that you hold. 

REL-ID gives you the ability to control when your agents access client record, on a per-call basis, and only when explicitly acknowledged and approved by the client. The end result is the elimination of account trolling, significantly reduced compliance exposure, and improved security posture.

  • Reduce compliance exposure by only allowing agents to see client data during client conversations
  • Improve security posture by having client acknowledge and approve agent access on a per-call basis

Reduce Costs

Every second that an agent spends validating customer identity via Q&A is a second that they're not servicing and delivering value for that client and for your organization.

REL-ID makes identity verification quick and painless and requires no Q&A between your agents and your clients, and your agents can focus on their core job - driving client satisfaction.

  • Reduce cost by eliminating 30 - 60 seconds from each call center interaction
  • Improve calls-per-day, call times, and other call center metrics

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