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1) The REL-ID Security Platform

The REL-ID platform is a safe, simple, and scalable security platform that, for the first-time, tightly integrates your identity, authentication, and channel security. By combining strong "relationship" identities with our patented protocol, processes, and flows--- secure, continuously authenticated application channels can be established with blazing speed and at IoT scale. This powerful omnichannel technology enables a phenomenal user experience with every authorization and login while dramatically reducing your attack surface.


Platform Capabilities

Strong Authentication Made Simple

Mutual, simultaneous, and continuous multi-factor authentication. All right within your own native app with the authenticator of your choice. 

Phenomenal User Experience

Built for the mobile-first world to deliver a simple, consistent, and phenomenal user experience that increases engagement.

True Omnichannel Support

Provide customers a consistent and phenomenal experience across all channels - online, mobile, IVR, call center, chat, kiosk, and in-person.

Channel Security

Connect over a whitelist based secure communication tunnel that is MITM proof and more secure than TLS. Without any of the operational complexity or cost.


Encrypt data stored locally on the device using a key that doesn't exist until a fully verified and trusted context is established. For security better than Trusted Execution Environments.



Use military-grade root/jailbreak/malware detection at consumer speed to block connections from vulnerable or compromised devices.


Simple Integration

Our mobile SDK lets you add the right level of security to your mobile app, tuned to your needs and the risk profile.

Customizable Policy Controls

Customize a comprehensive set of policy controls based on device, user and other context variables that allow you to meet your unique business needs and risk parameters.

Platform Components

The REL-ID platform is delivered as a client-side SDK (REL-IDSDK) coupled with a set of server components that fit into the organization's security infrastructure.

The SDK can be embedded in the business' own applications and works on all the major operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, and Linux) and interfaces. The SDK also allows you to plug in the biometric authenticators of your choice, making it possible to choose different biometrics as required.

The SDK server components are horizontally scalable soft appliances that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and sit either at the edge of the network or close to the service being protected. Unlike many other security solutions on the market, Uniken never touches your connections — our edge-server appliance is entirely in your control.



More information about the architecture and how the platform works can be found here.


The REL-IDverify App is a white labeled mobile app (available for the Android and iOS platforms) that incorporates all our capabilities in a ready-to-deploy app for organizations that do not have their own mobile app but want to add the security of fully authenticated transaction verification to their digital business. It is a way to quickly roll out identity and transaction verification to protect card-not-present, call center and web login interactions with your customers without incurring the time and resources needed to build your own app. The app is fully white labeled, allowing organizations to maintain their own brand experience.


With REL-ID Work from Anywhere (WFA), you can empower your employees, partners, and contractors to securely work from anywhere quickly and easily.

Uniken offers a quick and simple deployment model to enable rapid adoption with minimal disruption. Employees, partners, and contractors can now securely access corporate resources from their homes with REL-ID WFA without the hassle and expense of complex VPNs. This easy-to-use desktop application provides the same level of security as being in the office for both corporate-issued and personal computers. Our customer success team can get you up and running in a matter of days with straight forward integration to your existing infrastructure and security products, policies, and controls.

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