Uniken Unveils a Refreshed Brand with Uplifted Brand Purpose

Chatham, NJ — June 13, 2023 — Today, Uniken officially unveils an uplifted brand purpose to create a secure world where identity is a certainty, not a vulnerability. Uniken’s purpose is inspired by the value proposition of Uniken’s award-winning REL-ID security and authentication platform. REL-ID creates certainty in identity and security that allows client-centric organizations to accelerate possibilities for business growth and client engagement.

With cybercrime and identity fraud on the rise and increasingly sophisticated, it has never been more important for client-centric organizations to ensure the security of their client interactions and sensitive data. However, today’s clients expect easy, anytime, any-channel service that is not always aligned with business demands for security, compliance, and certainty.

Uniken’s REL-ID platform is a complete, frictionless solution that drives fraud to zero by securing customer journeys end-to-end across all channels. The ability to deliver certainty in identity without compromising customer experience is a brand differentiator for Uniken and a driver of its business growth.

Bimal Gandhi, CEO, Uniken, said:

“As Uniken continues to grow and expand globally, it is the right time to evolve Uniken branding to better articulate the immense benefits we offer customers, partners, and end-clients. Our REL-ID platform eliminates every vector of breach and fraud while providing a fast, frictionless, omnichannel customer experience.”

Alongside its purpose, Uniken launches a new visual brand identity, tagline, and more user-friendly website. The fresh, aspirational design features an infinity graphic created from Uniken’s “U” that symbolizes the limitless possibilities Uniken enables. The tagline underscores the message: When Identity and Security Are Certain, Anything Is Possible.

Nancy Jones, Chief Marketing Officer, Uniken, said:

“Uniken has always been dedicated to innovation that delivers amazing customer experiences. The refreshed Uniken brand better reflects our focus on customer experience and how certainty in identity creates possibilities for our customers to engage with their clients and grow their businesses in new ways.”

About Uniken

Uniken accelerates possibilities for client-centric organizations by creating certainty in identity and security. Uniken’s award-winning REL-ID security platform drives fraud to zero by securing the customer journey end-to-end — from devices, applications, and network connections to customer authentication, transaction verification, and digital signing. Fast and frictionless, REL-ID is a mobile-first solution that allows organizations to create amazing customer experiences across any channel at any time and deliver the always-on, always-instant experience today’s clients expect. A recognized innovator and pioneer in cybersecurity, Uniken serves customers of all sizes, worldwide, across a variety of industries. To date, Uniken has secured over $26 trillion in transaction value across over 23 billion client interactions with zero financial or identity loss. With Uniken, organizations grow their businesses in a world where identity is a certainty, not a vulnerability.

Discover more about Uniken’s REL-ID Security Platform: The Platform of Possible.