Uniken Introduces Certainty in Your Hand™ Through Palm Vein Authentication

With REL-ID palm vein authentication, in-branch and remote banking clients authenticate and approve transactions in seconds, using palm vein and/or facial authentication.

Dublin, IE, May 15, 2024 – Uniken, a leading provider of security, authentication, and identity verification, announces at the Temenos Community Forum 2024 the release of Palm Vein Authentication for in-branch, rural and inclusive banking on its REL-ID platform. Financial institutions have the need for certainty not only in internet and mobile banking, but also in the physical channel. Now, the same certainty provided by REL-ID on electronic channels, is available in person, without the burden of the consumer needing a device with them. In emerging markets smartphone adoption can be a hurdle and in rural and inclusive banking there is a much larger challenge to deliver banking services with safety, security, and convenience.

With the release of palm vein authentication on the REL-ID platform, consumers only need to place their hand above a sensor to authenticate themselves in a full contactless solution. Uniken’s mission is to provide certainty in every interaction, and we are once again raising the bar by providing a solution that has the highest level of efficacy and takes fraud to zero with lightning speed and convenience.

Uniken has partnered over the last few years with Fulcrum Biometrics, Inc., a Fujitsu company, to deliver REL-ID Palm Vein Authentication based on Fujitsu’s market proven PalmSecure™ technology. The accuracy levels that Uniken customers will achieve in authenticating individuals’ identities far exceed what’s available with other biometrics like fingerprints, face, and even the newcomers to the palm-scanning field. With a False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of 0.000001% – that’s 1 in 100 million – the solution offers unmatched levels of trust in authentication use cases. Privacy characteristics are amazing and are highly resistant to spoofing methods like impersonation or deepfakes. Fraudsters won’t be able to take a photo of the internal vein structure and replicate it with liveness to execute a fraudulent transaction like they may be able to in other palm deployments.

Ken Nosker, CEO of Fulcrum Biometrics, Inc. comments

“PalmVein authentication, unlike most other biometrics, is extremely protective of user privacy as it relies on internal biological structures that can only be captured by using specially designed imaging systems. The highly accurate and contactless nature of PalmVein authentication makes it especially attractive in high traffic environments such as financial services, healthcare, and e-government initiatives. We are very excited to partner with Uniken in offering PalmSecure™ to the global banking community.”

Palm vein authentication will be included as part of any full REL-ID license and Uniken is making it available to our global partners, including Temenos, Finacle and NTT Data Solutions for deployment. Customers that have modularized licenses may upgrade to a full license to gain the capability immediately.

Bimal Gandhi, CEO, Uniken, shares

“I believe biometrics is clearly the key to authentication in the future – palm vein is another modality we feel is critical to have on the platform. Your clients’ identities are in their hands – with or without their devices. Our mission is zero fraud and certainty in identity – I am delighted to deliver that in electronic and physical channels with zero friction. Look for more news about Palm Vein Authentication in the next few months as some of our partners, in stealth mode, are working with us on amazing use cases in other verticals.”

About Uniken

Uniken accelerates possibilities for client-centric organizations by creating certainty in identity and security while delivering amazing customer experiences. Uniken serves customers of all sizes, worldwide, across a variety of industries. To date, Uniken has secured over $39 trillion in transaction value across over 45 billion client interactions with zero financial or identity loss. With Uniken, organizations grow their businesses and deliver amazing client experiences in a world where identity is a certainty, not a vulnerability.

About Fulcrum Biometrics, Inc.

Fulcrum Biometrics, Inc. is a leading provider of biometric identification technologies and custom software applications for enhancing identity authentication and management. Fulcrum provides hardware and software solutions for non-profits, commercial organizations, local and national governments and military customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. Fulcrum is headquartered with operations and product development at 16108 University Oak, San Antonio, TX 78249. Fulcrum Biometrics, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.

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