Smartphones have changed the way we view the world. We are now always on, always connected, always capable. 

Uniken's REL-ID Platform makes your mobile app the centerpiece of your digital strategy. The REL-ID platform enables you to deliver a frictionless, transparent experience to authenticate to your app, website, and call center, and verify sensitive transactions.

Frictionless customer experience that materially increases client engagement

Proactive end-to-end security that prevents bad actors from ever connecting

Designed for modern threat vectors and security needs

My life is mobile and I use my phone for everything.

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Drive Engagement

Good enough is no longer good enough.

Customers want a fast, easy, and seamless experience that's consistent across the board — they want it on mobile, web, chat, and call center interactions. Most importantly, they want to know that their information and their money is always safe with you.

  • Drive User Engagement
  • Engender Customer Loyalty
  • Enhance Brand Affinity

End-to-End Security

REL-ID combines user identity, app fingerprinting, device intelligence, and powerful split-key cryptography to create a secure channel to your services. By providing Unified Defense-in-Depth, REL-ID gives you strong end-to-end security from the customer to the app to the device to the channel all the way through to your service, eliminating risk and taking fraud to Zero. 

  • Strong end-to-end security
  • Eliminate Credential Compromise
  • Take Fraud to Zero

Modern Defense

Would you rather have 98% confidence that you can detect bad guys in your environment, or 100% confidence that the bad guys can't get in at all?

REL-ID takes a modern approach that PREVENTS bad actors from even being able to connect with you in the first place, and completely eliminates phishing, credential harvesting / stuffing, and MITM attacks.

  • Prevent bad things from happening in the first place
  • Defend against current and emerging threats
  • Drive Fraud to ZERO

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