Bimal Gandhi Interviews with Frost & Sullivan About the Award-Winning REL-ID Platform

The discussion reveals why Uniken and its REL-ID platform stand out, insights on the future of the industry, and what’s next for the cybersecurity innovator.

Chatham, NJ — Jan. 29, 2024 —Uniken CEO Bimal Gandhi and Frost & Sullivan Senior Consultant Hiten Shah sat down on video late last year for a discussion about Uniken’s award-winning REL-ID authentication and security platform, where the future of cybersecurity is headed, and what to expect next from Uniken.

The interview was held following Frost & Sullivan’s recognition of Uniken with its prestigious Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award  for best practices in the identity and access management industry. The award applauds Uniken’s REL-ID platform for seamless integration and robust security that accelerates the digitalization efforts of Uniken customers and enhances end-client experiences.

In the interview, Shah explains why Uniken and its REL-ID platform stand out to Frost & Sullivan. He notes that in its tracking of the identity and access management industry, Frost & Sullivan observed the evolution of REL-ID as a solution that embraces the mobile-first approach while enabling seamless and uniform user experience across channels. Shah says Frost & Sullivan gravitated to Uniken in its awards assessment because of the blend of seamless user experience with security baked in at every step. Shah gives the banking industry as an example where strict security requirements can be seen as an inhibitor of a smooth user experience but where REL-ID secures each aspect of interaction between a user and a bank without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Shah highlights various aspects of REL-ID, including how Uniken’s innovative deterministic approach to security and use of modern security assurance methods such as app fingerprinting, device intelligence, and user biometrics accelerate the adoption of a passwordless authentication experience.

During the interview, Gandhi delves into Uniken’s approach to innovation and the pain points that REL-ID solves for Uniken customers and end-clients. He underscores that the two key principles of security by design and privacy by design are fundamental at Uniken. Uniken starts all product design and engineering with a focus on securing the entire customer journey. Gandhi says it is this security-by-design view that has allowed Uniken’s business to blossom into a much broader frame, expanding from where Uniken started in banking to serving a variety of industries, including retail, payments, and government services.

Gandhi also emphasizes that security should never hinder the customer experience. Gandhi comments:

We don’t believe that you should ever make the tradeoff of strong security and strong customer experience.”

Gandhi describes how organizations come to Uniken for strong security but discover that they can improve customer experience and business performance.

Discussing Uniken’s accomplishment, Shah observes:

“Like they say in the security industry: The best security is something you can’t see. …That is what gravitated us towards Uniken”

Gandhi shares customer success stories that exemplify the business benefits that implementation of Uniken’s REL-ID platform brings. While discussing these real-world examples, he notes that Uniken has become a security provider that innovates on behalf of its customers. Today Uniken identifies half of its innovation through the needs of its customers; customers bring problems to Uniken, and Uniken innovates jointly with them.

Gandhi and Shah go on to discuss how cybersecurity is evolving and what’s next for Uniken. Gandhi shares expectations for Uniken’s continued growth as well as key areas of technology innovation, alluding to new “under-the-covers” capabilities, innovative in-person security solutions, and forward-thinking solutions to address increasing regulatory requirements.

Gandhi ends the interview with a teaser, promising Shah:

“In 2025, the Uniken you know today will be a very different Uniken.”


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