Overcoming an evolving threat landscape

As a pioneer in internet and mobile banking, the bank encountered a rapid increase in threats, especially credential compromises. Traditional SMS/OTP/In-App based multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods seemed insufficient for protecting both the bank and its clients.

Challenges of a Diverse Client Base and Changing Industry

The bank's client base was incredibly diverse, with a wide range of ages and levels of tech savviness. Meanwhile, bank budgets were tight and the regulatory landscape was evolving rapidly.

Advanced Security Beyond 2FA/MFA

The need for a solution impervious to social engineering, offering more than just multi-factor authentication.

Emerging Regulatory Requirements

Adhering to new banking regulations, including device binding and endpoint threat detection.

Diverse Client Base

Catering to a broad spectrum of customers, from tech-savvy youths to less tech-comfortable older clients, demanding a simple and frictionless solution.


Limited budget for security in the early stages of digital adoption, necessitating a high ROI, multi-faceted solution.

Partnership with Uniken for Digital Evolution

The bank chose Uniken as a long-term partner for its early digital adoption phase. Uniken’s REL-ID was selected for its capability to evolve with the bank’s digital journey and its diverse client needs.

  • Advanced MFA with REL-ID: Implemented REL-ID with a private-private key pair at its core, effectively preventing phishing, social engineering, SIM swap, and spoofing attacks.
  • Transaction Verification: Enhanced the safety of internet banking with transaction verification capabilities.
  • Rapid Innovation: Adapted to emerging needs with device binding, endpoint threat detection, and secure browser capabilities.
  • Step-Up Authentication: Implemented for internet and mobile banking, including digital transaction verification with cryptographic signing.
  • Future-Proofing: Integrated biometric authentication for account recovery and authentication across all digital channels.

The bank launched a strategic initiative at the beginning of its digital journey, maintaining it as a key component in its digital portfolio for over five years. The solution has garnered numerous industry awards and customer accolades. As the bank embarks on its third phase of digital transformation, Uniken’s advanced capabilities continue to secure future customer journeys.

About Uniken

Uniken accelerates possibilities for client-centric organizations by creating certainty in identity and security while delivering amazing customer experiences. Uniken serves customers of all sizes, worldwide, across a variety of industries. To date, Uniken has secured over $26 trillion in transaction value across over 23 billion client interactions with zero financial or identity loss. With Uniken, organizations grow their businesses in a world where identity is a certainty, not a vulnerability.