Uniken Enables Temenos Community Banking Platform to Deliver a Secure, Turnkey, High ROI Customer Experience

The Temenos Community Banking Platform is an industry-leading solution serving the digital requirements of credit unions and community-owned banks. As the digital requirements of these institutions became more pronounced during the pandemic, it became clear that a full security, customer identity, and authentication solution would be needed out of the box and pre-integrated. The ideal solution would provide the highest value point for the limited budget of the financial institutions they serve while providing the capabilities offered by the largest banks for the entirety of the customer journey.

Real-world requirements for today’s banking

The universe of community banks and credit unions spans the globe, ranging in size from micro institutions to regional leaders. User experience design capability also varies as does technology management capability across the range of proficiencies.

The ideal solution needed to remain flexible to meet disparate needs while ensuring a high-quality experience. Community banks and credit unions needed to solve real-world challenges, including:

Secure Identity Verification

Banks require internet and mobile security out of the box to protect against endpoint threats, credential compromise, and account takeover all while maintaining privacy for the user.

Meeting Emerging Regulation

As a global platform, compliance was key in all geographies, including SCA and eIDAS capability built-in out of the box, local certificate compliance, cryptographic digital transaction verification, and biometric opt-in and opt-out functionality.

Flexibility for On-Prem, SaaS, or Managed Service Models

One solution does not fit all when it comes to the deployment model, so the ideal solution must offer flexibility while also offering a full range of capabilities.

Cost Effectiveness without Sacrificing Results

Banks utilizing the platform had a limited budget set aside and needed a solution that could cover their needs in the most cost-effective and highest ROI possible.

As the world's leading platform for digital banking, we looked to partner with a best-in-class security provider for our clients to protect their customers at every point in the customer journey. Uniken enables our clients to securely onboard and transact on a daily basis in a frictionless and highly secure manner at a value point unseen in the industry today

Uniken’s REL-ID Security Platform Integration: Delivering Identity Verification and Security for Financial Institutions of All Sizes

As the industry leader, Uniken was selected as a trusted partner to develop and deploy the highest level of capability to its clients.

The partnership provides a modern, full solution from day one that not only checks the regulatory boxes but future proofs and puts these credit unions and community-owned banks on parity or better than their larger rivals:


  • Endpoint threat detection that protects against polymorphic malware.
  • Beyond traditional MFA and deploy REL-ID with private-private key pairing to prevent phishing, social engineering, SIM swap, and spoofing attacks for the entirety of the customer journey.
  • Safer banking journeys including account access, account recovery, and step-up transaction verification with cryptographic signing
  • Fully remote identity verification to enable remote onboarding in minutes with no human intervention



Temenos Community Banking can now deliver a turnkey, high ROI, high customer experience platform that secures and enhances the interaction capability for all journeys across the full customer lifecycle in any deployment model.


Award-Winning Today, Future-Proof for Tomorrow

Community banks utilizing the Uniken REL-ID Security Platform now not only compete at parity but in many cases exceed the digital banking capability of their larger rivals – and at price they can afford!