Addressing Compliance and Security Challenges for Global Clients and Advisors

Bulltick customers are frequently individuals with an ultra-high net worth and are inherently mobile, global, and tend to have multiple advisors. This presents a distinct set of challenges for Bulltick from a compliance, security, and service standpoint.

The complex problems Bulltick identified required simple, effective, and easy-to-manage solutions:

To address these challenges, the company needed to develop seamless journeys that eliminate any potential risk and alleviate the typical friction points faced by clients and their advisors as they navigate different jurisdictions around the world.

Frictionless Journeys

They required account access, transaction verification, customer service verification, and digital transaction signing to solve immediate needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Bulltick desired to exceed regulatory standards by ensuring seamless interactions, even across multiple regions and applications.

Simplicity and Efficiency of the Tech Stack

A small but very strong IT team could not be saddled with heavy infrastructure,
maintenance, and upgrade needs typically found in a comprehensive solution.

Future Proof

Bulltick innovates rapidly and needs a solution that can keep up with new requirements and continually updated global regulations.

Phased Approach to Comprehensive Capabilities

Bulltick presented Uniken with a series of requirements, primarily related to security, privacy, and creating frictionless customer experiences. Uniken designed a phased approach to turning on our comprehensive set of capabilities, starting with the critical need for security, before layering on transaction verification and transaction signing and leaving server-side facial biometrics for authentication for a later phase.


The phased approach identified eight critical user journeys and experiences for deployment:

  • Endpoint Thread Detection capability with polymorphic malware detection to eliminate risk from the moment the Bulltick mobile app is opened.
  • Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) capability across all the digital channels.
  • EU regulatory requirements beyond the traditional MFA utilized in the Americas.
  • Transaction signing deployment to ensure that there is cryptographic-based verification for non-repudiation from the most basic to the highest risk transaction with zero friction.
  • Creating a readiness for future phase deployments.
  • Biometric authentication (server-side) to create a riskless, high-assurance customer experience for account access, transaction verification (with embedded cryptographic digital signature), and account recovery.
  • Rapid customer onboarding and EU-IDAS certification levels.
  • Deployment of family office and family office advisor access to customer accounts with full security, authentication, and digital signing capabilities.

With Uniken’s REL-ID security and identity verification platform, Bulltick was able to meet the goals and objectives of the phased buildout approach. Bulltick implemented security measures, including advanced authentication technologies and encryption protocols. These measures ensure that clients’ information is always secured and protected while providing a smooth and hassle-free experience. With this enhanced security posture, Bulltick offers clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their assets and information are in safe hands and that they can enjoy a seamless and frictionless customer journey.



Enhanced Security Measures and Customer Experience for Client Peace of Mind

With advanced authentication technologies and encryption protocols implemented, Bulltick ensures that clients’ information is always secure and protected, offering them the peace of mind that comes with knowing their assets and information are in safe hands. Bulltick’s commitment to providing a seamless and hassle-free experience enables its clients to enjoy a frictionless customer journey, regardless of their global mobility or the number of advisors with whom they work.