Uniken’s REL-ID Security Platform Achieves FIDO2 Certification to Expand Customer Choices for Passwordless Authentication across Channels

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Uniken’s REL-ID Security Platform Achieves FIDO2 Certification to Expand Customer Choices for Passwordless Authentication across Channels June 17, 2020 at 8:05 AM

Uniken’s REL-ID Security Platform Achieves FIDO2 Certification to Expand Customer Choices for Passwordless Authentication Across Channels


Chatham, NJ – 17 June, 2020 – Uniken, a pioneer in securing customer digital channels, has announced it has been awarded the FIDO2 Server Certification for its REL-ID solution. With REL-ID, digital business leaders and developers not only eliminate problems with passwords they also invisibly secure their customer’s mobile devices and enable digitally signed transaction verification that meet the needs of regulatory compliance. With Uniken’s FIDO2 certified solution, customers need only deploy a single solution to support a range of end client authentication methods ensuring their customers will experience safe, simple, unphishable and passwordless authentication combined with all the other features REL-ID offers.


Bimal Gandhi, CEO Uniken commented, “We are thrilled to be awarded the FIDO2 certification for REL-ID. It is testament to REL-ID’s comprehensive invisible security that when integrated into an organisation’s digital channels can dramatically reduce fraud and increase customer engagement in a way that’s secure, simple, cost effective and easy to manage.”


Nishant Kaushik, CTO Uniken stated, “Uniken’s inclusion of FIDO2 support in the REL-ID platform expands the options supported for passwordless authentication, enhancing our intelligent authentication capabilities, and giving our customers the assurance that their REL-ID deployment reaches the widest end customer audience while lowering the TCO, simplifying environments, and easing administration.” 


Evolving consumer expectations are driving businesses to develop additional capabilities for serving customers on their digital channels. Engagement is no longer limited to web and mobile. In our Digital First World it is imperative to make sure that the services and transactions supported on all digital channels are the same. The barrier to this is often authentication and fraud. In most businesses today, each channel has been developed with its own unique authentication model. This creates friction and frustration for the consumer, is expensive for the business to deploy and manage, and is a boon for the fraudster that seeks out the weakest link in the chain.


Uniken is at the forefront of creating a digital-first security paradigm that takes advantage of the ubiquity of mobile devices, and the rapid growth of mobile engagement, by positioning the businesses own mobile app at the center of a new, customer-centric security paradigm. The idea is simple: leverage the capabilities of the mobile platform to create a zero-trust security architecture, use the ease-of-use of mobile apps to create a frictionless, customer-friendly security experience, and then extend the benefits of this security to other channels. The objective: Secure, Authenticate, Transact.

About Uniken 

Uniken is a pioneer in the field of digital security. Uniken's flagship product REL-ID is an advanced, first-of-its-kind, security platform that secures connections between customers and businesses by eliminating all possibilities of a data breach and fraud. To date Uniken has secured $8.2tn across 5.5bn transactions with zero financial or identity loss. A mobile-first solution, REL-ID effectively protects customers, enterprises and the entire ecosystem from a wide variety of risks such as identity attacks, device attacks and network attacks. For its pioneering products, Uniken has received various awards and recognition including Gartner Cool Vendor, Forrester Now Tech Industry Leader, OWI Top 10 IAM Company, Frost & Sullivan Tech Industry Award and KPMG Top 25 Security Provider.


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