Uniken Named a Top Ten IAM Vendor by OWI

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Uniken Named a Top Ten IAM Vendor by OWI June 21, 2018 at 12:00 AM

owi-featured-company-iamChatham, NJ – June 21, 2018 – Uniken today announced that it has been named a top 10 vendor in the 2018 Identity Access Management (IAM) Report by One World Identity (OWI), an independent identity research and strategy company. The report highlights companies that develop products to advance IAM, bolster enterprise security, and improve user experience.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by One World Identity, as it demonstrates Uniken's innovative technology has launched us to a leadership position in IAM,” said Bimal Gandhi, CEO of Uniken. “In today’s mobile-first world, consumers expect their interactions with businesses to be fast, easy and secure. Traditional IAM solutions have forced companies to compromise on either security or user experience. The REL-ID security platform ensures our customers do not have to make that difficult decision by delivering customer-first security across all their channels. We’re proud to have created a platform that’s strong enough to combat all current and even future attack vectors without sacrificing on user experience.”

Among the report’s findings are the following observations:

  • The next generation of Identity & Access Management (IAM) will be focused on identity tools, and Trust & Safety mechanisms that help organizations responsibly govern all parties who engage with their brand.
  • The two most notable trends in the space today are the introduction of identity and the concepts of Trust & Safety as key focal points of these technologies and centralizing the management of consumers.
  • Robust security models today are successful at distilling the security problem into its core components: identity, valuable assets, and the access relationships between these two continually evolving things.

Uniken’s REL-ID security platform combines enterprise grade endpoint threat detection at consumer speed, multi-factor authentication based on device, app, user and cryptographic identity and a man-in-the-middle proof secure channel into a single solution. The result is an identity-based security perimeter that shuts down every major vector of breach and fraud while allowing enterprises to drive their digital transformation initiatives by creating a seamless omnichannel experience.

Available as an SDK or white-labeled app, the platform has secured 23+ million endpoints, over 1B interactions and over $1.5T to date. For more information on the REL-Id platform, visit the Uniken website.

“IAM should be thought of as the entire set of processes and technologies that ensures that the right people can access the right assets at the right time for the right purposes,” said Travis Jarae, CEO of OWI. “The breadth of products on the table no longer adds sufficient value; instead, the ability for vendors to show they understand identity and some of its key challenges is the key differentiator today.”

For more information, download the full report.

About OWI

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About Uniken

Uniken makes connecting safe by combining amazing security and transaction verification with a phenomenal client experience. By tightly integrating identity based on biometrics, powerful split key cryptography, and device intelligence with a secure channel and endpoint threat detection, Uniken’s REL-ID Platform delivers unified defense-in-depth that eliminates every vector for credential compromise, is designed to secure digital channels, takes fraud to zero, and meets global regulatory compliance needs.

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