The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations overnight into a new working paradigm. To survive, businesses empowered employees and contractors to work from home. This new paradigm is stretching IT and security teams.  Adding to this headache, many workers are no longer using company-owned computers on the corporate network to access mission-critical and sensitive resources, so a simple human mistake could result in a major security breach.

Today, most organizations rely on virtual private networks (VPN) to connect remote employees to their corporate networks and access corporate resources. However, VPNs have many problems that are making them inadequate to meet the challenge the current crisis has created, whether it be the basic approach of focusing on network Vs application level connectivity, bandwidth strain on corporate networks, and the lack of integrated multifactor authentication.

Organizations need a solution that can be deployed quickly, with no disruption to the business, that is designed for both enterprise assets and a BYOD environment, and that addresses the challenges of the new threat landscape. In other words, businesses need an agile yet comprehensive security platform designed for the modern enterprise. 

In addition, security policies and controls that worked when most of the employees were in the office are often not practical or enforceable for a workforce that is now almost entirely remote. Inadequately secured WiFi networks are one of the biggest security risks for remote employees, home networks have lax security compared to enterprise networks, and the wide variety of IoT devices on our home networks are creating new intrusion vectors that security teams now have to worry about. 

The challenge is to figure out a way for employees to be as productive working remotely as they were while working in the office, without introducing friction and complexity into their workflows – all while combatting a new set of cyber threats and protecting corporate data and resources. 

The answer is Uniken’s Secure Remote Access Solution. This easy-to-use desktop application abstracts the security away from the underlying hardware, allowing businesses to provide the same security on both corporate-issued or personal computers.

Securing remote access starts by reliably authenticating users with a high level of assurance. This is further strengthened using cryptography to create strong multifactor authentication that is immune to phishing and other kinds of credential attacks. It also simplifies the user experience and improves security.

Successfully authenticating using Uniken’s Secure Remote Access solution automatically creates an encrypted network connection from a secure desktop App Viewer all the way into your corporate network. This secure channel protects data transferred back and forth between the browser and the corporate network, thereby securing it from vulnerabilities such as improperly secured home networks, malicious public WiFi, and trap networks. It can even be used to provide secure remote access to corporate SaaS applications that are restricted to being available only from the corporate network, maintaining corporate visibility and controls. More importantly it doesn’t open a network layer connection but rather instead operates only at the browser level eliminating a significant number of risks.

Uniken Secure Remote Access presents authenticated users a corporate portal that provides access to company data and web applications through an in-built REL-ID App Viewer. The portal is only accessible in the desktop application over the secure channel, and shows only those resources the employee has access to based on their roles. 

Uniken offers a quick and simple deployment model to enable quick adoption with minimal disruption. Working with your IT and security teams, our customer success team can get the system up and running in a matter of days. 

Click here to download a guide or email to request a remote demonstration on Uniken’s Remote Access Solution.