REL-ID Datasheet

If your organization seeks to deliver an amazing customer experience in today’s environment, security in identifying your clients is central to your success. Uniken’s REL-ID platform is a security solution equal to today’s sophisticated threats. Download our REL-ID datasheet to learn why.

rel-id datasheet brochure

Omnichannel Security and Authentication for Client Interactions with REL-ID

Uniken’s REL-ID ensures secure, verified, and authenticated client interactions across all channels throughout the customer journey.

Delivering Customer-First Security with Uniken’s REL-ID Platform

Uniken’s REL-ID offers a comprehensive, mobile-first identity verification and security platform, integrating all security layers into one easily managed solution, enhancing mobile app security and enabling diverse engagement opportunities.

Seamless Identity Verification Through the Customer Journey with REL-ID

Uniken’s REL-ID IDV feature enables continuous customer identity verification from initial engagement through the entire relationship journey.

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