The CDO Guide to Omnichannel Security


In an increasingly digital global marketplace, it is imperative for business leaders to connect with customers wherever they are across any number of digital channels. Customers no longer want to limit themselves in terms of access, often opting for an omnichannel approach through the use of mobile, chat, text, phone, and web-based on context and convenience. As such, it is important for businesses to provide an easy and fast way for customers to access their accounts on their terms without compromising their security.

This comprehensive guide addresses the three main challenges of omnichannel security (client experience, security/privacy, and cost/complexity) and outlines ways to navigate these concerns through a Unified Defense in Depth strategy. This multilayered approach to security:

  • Provides a frictionless experience for the customer;
  • Is more secure than traditional passwords and knowledge-based authentication (KBA)
  • Is cheaper and easier than multifactor authentication methods;
  • Provides the means for mutual & simultaneous authentication; and
  • Delivers fast ROI for your Digital Transformation initiative

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