PII Exposure

Too Much Customer Data in Too Many Hands

Events like the recent Equifax breach have shone a bright light on the problem of PII proliferation. Every piece of customer information that you hold and every time one of your agents has reason to access it represents a point of attack that can be exploited to gain access to that sensitive customer information. What you need is a way to give your customers a fast, safe, and easy way to indisputably authenticate themselves to you, across every channel, without requiring any PII.



Verify Identity Transparently - No PII Needed

REL-ID leverages the pre-existing relationship with your customer to eliminate the need for intrusive and irritating PII questions for user authentication. As a user engages with you, they receive a secure notification on your app on their mobile device asking them to acknowledge their interaction with you. This notification can also contain contextual information such as transaction amounts or other pertinent details for them to verify.

This seamless exchange gives them enhanced confidence that their data is being properly safeguarded, and it gives you a compliance-friendly authentication of the user's identity ... all without exposing any PII.



New Multi-Factor Model

Current multi-factor authentication (MFA) models rely on a first factor that is password or knowledge-based and prone to being forgotten (leading to costly help desk calls) or phished (leading to breaches). This is then overlaid with a second factor that is typically a one-time password (OTP) based on insecure SMS-based communications, or requires the user to carry a token which is a nuisance and is also prone to loss or theft. 

REL-ID transcends these challenges to deliver an MFA experience that is simultaneously stronger and safer. Uniken's split symmetric key approach doesn't rely on any password or knowledge-based authentication (eliminating the possibility of phishing or credential harvesting), and uses the user's mobile device (which everyone always has with them)  to securely store their half of the unphishable half of the key. This results in an unprecedented MFA process that is more secure, speedy, and smooth than anything else available in the market.



Zero Friction

Pause and consider for a minute that the very PII that puts you and your customer at risk is also creating a point of friction that is impeding your customer from transacting with you. REL-ID gives you a way to securely and easily authenticate your customers while simultaneously eliminating this point of friction.

With REL-ID, any time you need to verify your customer's identity, we send them a fully contextualized secure message to their mobile device, to which they can respond with a quick tap -- quick, easy, and secure, all without having to exchange or store any personal information purely for authentication purposes.



Easy Integration

Your security solution needs to be tightly integrable with the rest of your business-critical infrastructure -- your existing systems of customer record, identity platforms, call center application, as well as the rest of your back-office operations. With REL-ID, you can quickly and safely deploy a secure and seamless way for your customers to transact with you. REL-ID is designed to be deployed as part of a customer's mobile app, and the rest of the REL-ID architecture iso optimized around that deployment model. 



Consistent Omnichannel Experience

REL-ID delivers the same transparently secure and seamless experience your customers expect across all the channels they use to transact with you. When they call in, access your website (even from a public computer or kiosk), or come to one of your locations, they go through the same fast, easy, and secure process to authenticate themselves to you. They know they're actually talking to you, and you know that they are who they say they are. 

This also applies to offline or asynchronous transactions like a a client leaving you a voice-mail, sending you a text or email, or even calling you directly and not into a call center.



SDK or Standalone Capability

For ease of deployment, this capabliity is available both as a standalone app and as part of our lightweight SDK. The SDK is extremely lightweight and easy to integrate into your own mobile app without impacting size, battery life, CPU, or app performance. REL-ID also provides a standalone app that can be quickly and easily branded and white-labeled to fit your needs.

Either way, you have an immediate way to allow your clients to interact with you safely and easily without storing and asking them to divulge their personal information.

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