Increasing Costs

How Can You Deliver Measurable Results to the Business?

After investing time, money, and political capital, many Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) still struggle to demonstrate ROI on their mobile investments. It is easy to quantify effort and financial costs for training, technology, development and integration, and promotion. Unfortunately, it is difficult if not impossible for most organizations to show the return on that investment in terms of customer engagement, additional revenue, or cost savings.



Single Solution

REL-ID can significantly reduce the CapEx required to deliver your mobile-first capabilities to your customers. REL-ID is one solution, with one architecture and one technology for your team to learn. It encapsulates the crucial elements of TLS, PKI, Certificate Pinning, Next-Gen Firewalls, and much more into one simple and secure platform. This significantly reduces your initial purchase costs, as well as your up-front and ongoing integration burden, maintenance overhead, and vendor  management costs. 



Low Training

REL-ID requires very little training across all your constituents:

  • Developers have one simple API to learn to incorporate strong security into your client-facing apps.
  • Security and IT Operations only need to learn one tool as opposed to five or six.
  • Call center agents don't need complex and recurring training on how to ask for PII and how to handle it carefully.
  • Most importantly, clients have a seamless experience and don't need to learn complex steps to authenticate themselves, or remember PII answers that change over time. 



Eliminate Password Resets

Forrester estimates that it costs approximately $70 per password reset call to your call center. For customer facing apps, just the cost of password reset interactions can destroy your business case, not to mention the erosion of the customer relationship due to their frustration with the process.

REL-ID eliminates passwords from your equation completely, replacing them with a combination of unforgettable biometrics and a strong cryptographic credential that the customer doesn't need to know. 

The net result is a better customer experience, a stronger customer relationship, and significant cost reductions in the call center.


Pennies Per User

With REL-ID, not only do we reduce the number of things you have to buy as discussed above, but that one thing is significantly more cost-effective than other market alternatives.

REL-ID was built for client-facing use cases in terms of its attention to the customer experience, its Internet-scale, and also its pricing. Unlike other solutions that are significantly pricier, you can get the powerful security and amazing customer experience that REL-ID provides for only pennies per user per month. 




Fast ROI

With REL-ID, you lower your capital and operating costs by reducing the number of things that you have to procure, learn, integrate, and maintain, and replace them with a single solution that is cost-effective to purchase and operate. In addition, our customers report that they have seen 3X to 4X increase in user engagement in their mobile channel due to the combination of enhanced security and easier client experience with REL-ID. 

These factors have enabled our customers to build and deliver business cases with measurable results with a payback period within the first year and sometimes as little as six months. 

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