Uniken Announces 170% YOY Growth in FY2020, Fueled by Demand for Digitization, Improving the Customer Experience, and Cybersecurity

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Uniken Announces 170% YOY Growth in FY2020, Fueled by Demand for Digitization, Improving the Customer Experience, and Cybersecurity January 19, 2021 at 10:24 AM

With the increase in consumer demands for digital services, growing threat of pervasive cyberattacks, and established standards of superior customer experiences, Uniken has seen explosive growth in 2020 and forecasts even more success in 2021. 


Chatham, NJ — January 19, 2021 — Today Uniken, Inc., a leader in the omnichannel security arena, announced a 170% increase in annual recurring revenue over FY2019 after bringing to market a fully integrated verification and onboarding product that allows clients to deliver secure customer journeys from initial customer onboarding through ongoing service and transaction delivery. 


Globally, Uniken is rapidly increasing its presence with new regional offices in Kenya and Singapore to complement its existing presence in India, Mexico, Spain, UK, and the United States. Uniken has 22 regional and 9 global partnerships already in place with major system integrators and platform providers in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia, and Asia. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to fast-track their digital transformation strategies. To meet changing needs, Uniken rapidly delivered an innovative work-from-anywhere product that allows organizations to quickly and securely enable remote employees without the complexity, burdens, and cost of traditional VPN solutions. 


The onboarding and omnichannel security capabilities are also used across verticals to connect customers with businesses. As a leading partner for two of the largest global banking platforms with 150 countries and over 2.5 billion retail clients, Uniken is poised to help propel the ongoing transformation of banking and payments globally with a product set that can meet unique local needs. 


“Having the capabilities to quickly and securely onboard new customers remotely as well as authenticate existing ones is invaluable and sets a high standard of customer service,” said Bimal Gandhi, CEO of Uniken. “Consumers use mobile phones a lot more to conduct business, something regulated industries previously avoided due to the risks of cyberattacks and fraud. We’ve developed a way to consistently secure every channel, eliminating the risk of credential compromise, harvesting, and account takeovers.”


It’s clear that the investment companies make in expanding their digital capabilities is a worthwhile one with long-term benefits. A survey from analyst firm IDC revealed that digital-first enterprises across retail, manufacturing, and banking delivered 8 times the revenue growth and twice the profit margin over the past five years. 


Today’s customer experience is about engaging the customer through the lens of technology in a way that creates trust, reduces friction, and drives business outcomes. With more people working, shopping, and banking remotely during the pandemic, the FBI has reported a corresponding spike in cyberattacks, up 400% from before the pandemic.


“Companies are sacrificing the customer experience to ensure the safety of their data, but having different verification methodologies and security technologies for separate channels is frustrating for everyone. We’ve made it so they don’t have to compromise,” said Gandhi. “We offer a frictionless, omnichannel solution that satisfies demands for security and speed while delivering an exceptional and consistent user experience. Our ability to deliver both in a seamless manner is why we’ve seen so much success last year and why we’re forecasting to continue our rapid growth in 2021.”


About Uniken

Uniken is the innovative cybersecurity company behind the REL-ID platform, which provides endpoint threat detection, device identity, app identity, cryptographic identity validation, and digital signatures — all in one simple, comprehensive solution. With REL-ID IDV, it can also verify someone’s identity against government-issued documents with sophisticated biometric liveness validation right from the customer’s mobile device. 


The mobile-first solution secures the customer journey end-to-end across all channels, eliminating the threat of data breach and fraud. To date, Uniken has secured $8.2T across 5B transactions with zero financial or identity loss.


Uniken has received various awards and recognition for our first-of-its-kind product, including Forrester Now Tech Industry Leader, OWI Top 10 IAM Company, Frost & Sullivan Tech Industry Award, and KPMG Top 25 Security Provider. 


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