bimal-gandhi-ceo-unikenBimal Gandhi, the CEO of Uniken, was recently recognized by Insights Success as one of the “10 Most Innovative Business Leaders to Watch in 2018.” Part of the reason that Bimal was chosen for this list was his role as a driving force in Uniken’s “contributions towards introducing a mobile-first world with amazing security and phenomenal customer experience.”

As a part of their coverage of their Top 10 list, Insights Success had an interview with Bimal regarding his life, his motivations, his thoughts on Uniken, as well as his challenges and achievements over the years.

Here are a few highlights from the interview:

Growing Up with Multiple Cultures

In the interview, Bimal talks a bit about how he grew up with the influences of two cultures—the U.S. and India. As he said to Insights Success, “I have strived to maintain the best of both cultures in everything I do… I’ve always pushed myself out of the comfort zone and into the unknown.”

Because of the fact that Bimal was a first-generation immigrant, he was exposed to two sets of cultures and value systems. This gave him an uncommon chance to compare both systems and see what worked for each, then apply those lessons to his own life to drive his success.

He even brought these lessons to the start-up businesses he would later create. When combined with his drive to succeed as a self-described “type A” personality, this would help him to create successful companies with corporate cultures that blended the best of the two worlds he was a part of.

Overcoming Challenges to Start Something New

When asked about what his biggest challenges were in building up Uniken, Bimal replied that:

“The biggest challenge for me is always taking that first step—it may be starting something new, it may be changing gears and taking a different path, it may be switching jobs or companies. Once you do that the rest becomes easier. Many of us tend to get paralyzed by looking at all the facts, the angles, the pitfalls—my advice is to focus on what you can potentially accomplish.”

Or, to borrow an old saying, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Starting any new venture is always fraught with uncertainty—but as soon as that first step is taken, it’s easier to focus on what needs doing rather than worrying about what might happen.

This is part of the reason why Uniken’s CEO works hard to take these first steps.

The other major challenge that Bimal talked about was “surrounding yourself with amazing people.” Finding the right team of people who he could work well with—even if they occasionally had differences of opinion—was a critical ingredient for driving Uniken’s success. By collecting dissenting opinions from people who work just as hard for Uniken’s success as he does, Bimal was able to refine his strategies for the company and improve operations.

He also listens to the voices of Uniken’s customers. As Bimal says in the interview:

“By listening to customers, prospects and others in the industry, we figured out that solving the problem partially isn’t the answer. As a result, we have created several new products, built a world class global team, and are now starting to serve some of the biggest companies in the world.”

In other words, partial measures to assuage one immediate concern aren’t enough to serve the needs of customers. In Uniken’s business model, the feedback of multiple customers is considered, and new products may be created to address new market requirements as completely as possible—rather than just trying to rely on a simple patch for everything.

It’s a part of Bimal’s passion to start new things. If a solution to the problem doesn’t exist, Uniken will work to create a solution. This is a part of the company’s culture that is inherited from its CEO—it’s also the reason why Bimal told Insights Success “we are not out for incremental change or success—we believe we are the future of security.”

Everyone on the Uniken team is proud to be a part of a proactive company that constantly works to innovate and be the best in the industry. And, we look forward to many more years of providing top-class, innovative solutions to all of our customers!

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