DDOS impact to Digital Channels remain out of control!

When teenagers are able to run successful enterprises offering DDOS attack services for hire, it’s clear the cost Vs. benefit gained are way too low. To stop DDOS we must figure out a way to make the cost of perpetrating beyond the benefit gained. The current approach of combining extreme bandwidth with protocol break, volumetric and heuristics (examples: machine learning & shared intelligence) checks are not sufficient to break the cycle. Volumes and rates of attacks keep growing and the costs to attack remain low and in some cases have been lowered by dark net tools.

A recent report showed that the average cost per attack is now $2.5M. Lost revenue per hour is up 50% year over year to now $100K. The average DDOS attack volumes doubled last year to now over 10Gbs. The DDOS attack against Brian Krebs is a canary in a coal mine event. Akamai was providing DDOS protection service pro bono and was successfully able to fend off the attack but warned it wouldn’t be able to do so in the future due to the potential cost for doing so in the future. Thankfully, Brian was picked up by Google’s Project Shield.